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Fly Me to Mars

Posted by Science Explored on November 22, 2013

Early one morning in April 2022, a group of brave, self-selected individuals will launch into space to begin a 210-day journey to the red planet.  Their mission is simple:  establish a permanent human settlement on Mars.  Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders, co-founders of Mars One (the organization behind this future Martian colony), are eager to demonstrate that humanity already possess the technology to make a sustainable, thriving habitat on Mars.  Their entrepreneurial work follows in suit with Elon Musk’s SpaceX program, which routinely resupplies the International Space Station.  We are entering an era of privatized space travel where governments are no longer the gatekeepers of the cosmos.  Still, Mars One also carries a more somber yet social mission; concerns of our planet’s health and overpopulation are powerful driving forces for Lansdorp and Wielders.  The Danish duo also sees the mission as an opportunity to unite humanity in much the way the Apollo Moon landings did decades ago.

Above:  artist rendition of what the habitat modules of the Mars One project may look like.  The habitats would be shielded from cosmic rays and solar radiation under several feet of Martian soil.

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