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Engineering: It's a State of Mind

Posted by Whitney Dove on April 19, 2016

 Of all of the guardians of childhood, the Tooth Fairy was easiest for me to let go. You mean some little bitty fairy comes into my room, lifts up my pillow (aren't pillows too heavy for fairies?) and takes my tooth? That's pretty gross, and it's utter nonsense. 

It was a bit harder for me to let go of the Easter Bunny—after all, he brings you Peeps! Plus, I'd seen bunnies (in fact, now I have one). The Tooth Fairy took things away from me, and I'd never seen a fairy. Nonetheless, the idea of a bunny hopping around on Easter morning did (kind of) seem pretty far-fetched. 

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Topics: classroom best engineering practices, the state of mind of engineering, best engineering practices, engineering misconceptions

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