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A Possible Future for Higher Education

Posted by Science Explored on September 13, 2012

Today we had the chance to join Troy Williams, Vice President and General Manager of Macmillian New Ventures and adjunct professor at NYU for a talk on “From Print to Personalized Learning.”  Though Williams focused his discussion on innovations and transformations in higher education, it’s always interesting to hear what might be coming down the pipeline into K-12 education.

Williams humbly broached the topic of “how collegiate education will change” by stating that he is wrong.  Wrong?  I was under the impression he was an expert in the field of technological education reform.  When he elaborated that his sincere hope was that he is simply, less wrong than others in his field, I understood his position.  Williams is a futurist and his business is inherently uncertain as it is based in predictive models and trends – he cannot be sure of what is going to happen, but he can make educated forecasts. 

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