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Guest Blog: American Oarsmen: What Will it Be Like?

Posted by David Alviar on December 12, 2016


Our very own marketing team member,David Alviar, sets sail for a 6-week trans-Atlantic rowing challenge on December 14th with his two other oarsmen, Brian Krauskopf, and Michael Matson. What will it be like for these three on the high seas and what physical and mental challenges will they find on their journey? David explores the proposed schedule in this October entry.


                                                              Okay, it's not us in the photo—we admit it! However, it was too beautiful to resist. This image  comes from the Coxless Crew

                                                                                             ( as they trekked the Pacific.  We'll see days like these for sure.



October 18, 2016—Our daily structure on the ocean will be highly structured. Whenever someone is not on the oars, they are "resting" or performing the hourly duties that keep our boat afloat. If no one is on the oars, we're at the mercy of the wind and waves to take us wherever they see fit. That means that at all times (with the exception of short, communal breaks), one of us will be manning the oars. In storms this is especially true as the boat needs to maintain itself pointed into the waves...not to mention that the cabin is a great place to get violently bounced around as the boat "roles with the punches" that the sea provides.

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