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Hyperloop: A to B Faster than Ever

Posted by Science Explored on September 05, 2013

Elon Musk is no stranger to pioneering new ideas.  He was the driving force behind PayPal and is the current CEO of Tesla Motors (which created the electric Tesla S, the highest-rated car in history) and Space X.  The South African native is a perpetual learner and tinkerer and as such,  no one was surprised when he recently revealed his latest idea:  the hyperloop, a new mode of transportation that could revolutionize how we travel long distances.  Glimpsing into Musk’s mind, we invite you to explore the creativity of Musk’s latest endeavor. 

Musk began by identifying a problem, as most inventors do.  Airplanes are expensive, trains and boats are generally slow, cars create clouds of pollution and result in thousands of deaths – what if there were a fifth mode of transportation that was cheap, reliable, safe, and amazingly fast?  That fifth form already has a name, according to Musk:  the hyperloop.  The hyperloop is, in its basic form, a huge drive-up bank deposit vacuum tube, but with a few key differences.  

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