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Investigating Phenomenon that Change Slowly

Posted by Terry Talley on January 26, 2016


One of the most enjoyable investigations that I recently observed was during science time in a pre-K classroom. After the teacher reminded students to wash their hands and not to squeeze the little creatures, the excitement built as each student was given a worm to study. The students, holding out their hands as if they were waiting for a prize, immediately began to smile and ask questions.

This investigation was part of a sustained inquiry that began earlier in August when students were introduced to a tub of shredded newspapers, sliced potatoes, and a small container of worms. Using hand lenses and watch glasses to help them see the details, students had the opportunity to set up the worms' home and to observe them from time to time. Their task was to watch and record how the worms changed during the ten months of the school year. 

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