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Student Token System

Posted by Science Explored on August 14, 2013

Adding your students one-by-one or using a .csv import are great ways to get your students into STEMscopes, but they can be time consuming.  Wouldn't it be nice if students could help you get themselves into STEMscopes so that you can assign them activities and assessments?  Houston, we have a solution!  Our resident tech-gurus have come up with an even more fluid method for your tech-saavy students: the token system. 

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New Features for K-2

Posted by Science Explored on March 11, 2013

STEMscopes™ is constantly improving!  Our latest additions include PBLs, Web Surfing Science, and Math Connections for grades K-2.  Thanks to dedicated user feedback, we understood that early elementary teachers wanted to bring these elements to their burgeoning learners.  As you begin to integrate these new pieces into your teaching, here are a few tips on how to maximize their use:

  • Problem Based Learning - PBLs are king of the mountain when it comes to real world, thought-provoking teaching techniques.  Our PBLs necessitate student exploration into how science touches their everyday lives.  Perfect for both advanced students (pushing thinking into the upper Bloom's) and those in need of intervention (developing a meaningful context to what they might not have grasped in whole group instruction).  The best part: PBLs are an ideal home-to-school connection for parents eager to take the science classroom home for their kids; did we mention it's in Spanish and English? 
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