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Tackling Poverty

Posted by Science Explored on December 10, 2012

Recently, the Commissioner of Education convened with twenty-three high performing districts across Texas to discuss the future of education.  15 of the 23, or 65%, of the selected districts were users of STEMscopes™.  You can imagine our ear-to-ear grins as we heard the news!  Still, education in the lone star state has a ways to go and though the consortium has four pivotal areas of discussion (digital learning, learning standards, variety of assessments, and community interaction), poverty is not one of them. 

The effects of poverty are profound on learning.  Students living below the poverty line often endure hardship from a lack of early childhood stimulation, stunted social skills, and a feeling of apathy towards formal education.  It goes without saying that this is unfair to the child and a serious challenge for his or her teacher.  

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