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STEMscopes K-12 Digital Science Program Named Finalist by Association of American Publishers

Posted by David Alviar on May 07, 2014

Houston, TX:  On April 29, 2014, Accelerate Learning, Inc. was notified that STEMscopes™, its online curriculum program focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, was distinguished as a finalist in AEP’s Revere Awards for whole curriculum solutions. STEMscopes is highly effective, provides strong support for teachers, is easy to use, and is adaptable to teaching styles and learners’ needs.  Previous recipients of the award include BrainPOP, Dreambox Learning, Edmodo, and Scholastic.

Accelerate Learning’s Chief Academic Officer and Founder of STEMscopes, Dr. Reid Whitaker, Ph.D., said, “The amount of growth we’ve experienced over the last few months has been unprecedented – it’s immensely gratifying to know that our development has only been possible through the help of the teachers we serve.”  Dr. Whitaker added that the cornerstone of STEMscopes’ success is a commitment to adapt to teachers’ needs rather than prescribing what they need; this collaborative process has made STEMscopes “the default” tool in its home state, Texas.  Dr. Vernon Johnson, Ed.D., CEO of Accelerate Learning, is assured that this collaborative philosophy will help lay the foundation of success for Accelerate Learning’s  newest STEM solution, STEMscopes NGSS, a K-12 comprehensive curriculum that addresses the NGSS standards.

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Softway Solutions’ Developed STEMscopedia App Live for Download

Posted by David Alviar on May 01, 2014

STEMscopedia is a new suite of eBooks available that introduces people to the content offered by STEMscopes™. The first release of the eBooks showcases both Softway Solutions and STEMscopes™ as leading in technology driven educational tools.

Software Solution
Affordable for schools, engaging for students, and easy to use, STEMscopes™ is a comprehensive, online PreK-12 hands-on science curriculum that puts teacher support at its center.
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