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There's More than One Way to Be Educated!

Posted by Reid Whitaker on July 29, 2015


I work in education and, with that, comes the responsibility of educating. This seems simple enough, but, when you break it down, you end up asking youself all these questions about what education actually is, what it looks like, and how you're going to teach it — whether you'll be any good at it. You wonder what kind of impact you'll actually have on your students, and if the hours you spend listening to their fears, their stories of heartache, and their triumphs will really make a difference. 

What, then, is the meaning of education? As Suli Breaks states in his spoken word piece Why I Hate School But Love Education, "Education is about inspiring one's mind not just filling their head." This statement encapsulates my understanding of education and signifies a teacher's responsibility to create opportunities for students to feel inspired and to learn through experience, not strictly through the memorization of facts. 

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