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Making a Case for Project-Based Learning

Posted by Terry Talley on October 06, 2015


 STEM is now the hot topic in science education around the world! Why is that? How can this change in the focus of science education possibly prepare our students for their economic independence? STEM proponents advise that our students' economic independence will come from the choices they make while in school concerning what they will be prepared to do post graduation. Will they be ready to compete in the global workplace that has emerged since 2000, when the "world became flat?"

Thomas Friedman in his 2005 speech at Notre Dame, about his book, The World is Flat, had an insightful look at globalization and outsourcing. The point of his book and speech is that while we, as a nation, were sleeping, globalization changed from being built around nations to being built around individuals. Individuals are now competing economically and independently against other individuals on a global level, rather than the economies of nations competing against the economies of other nations around the world. 

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