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Student Token System

Posted by Science Explored on August 14, 2013

Adding your students one-by-one or using a .csv import are great ways to get your students into STEMscopes, but they can be time consuming.  Wouldn't it be nice if students could help you get themselves into STEMscopes so that you can assign them activities and assessments?  Houston, we have a solution!  Our resident tech-gurus have come up with an even more fluid method for your tech-saavy students: the token system. 

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Importing Students

Posted by Science Explored on September 10, 2012

Today we want to familiarize you with two timesaving tips to help you manage your students in STEMscopes™.  We’ll be covering importing student lists into the student management system and deleting all your previous school year’s data to avoid clutter.  With classes moving into full swing, having these tools in your bag will save you both frustration and time as you start to assign work and collect data from your students.

Adding your class roster one-by-one can be a tedious process.  Just when you think you’re done, your Wi-Fi goes down or a haphazard click on the back button forces you to start all over!  To upload a student list to the student management system, simply login to STEMscopes™ and then click on students > manage students > import students.  On the new import students page you’ll find directions to upload a list using a downloadable CSV (comma-separate-values) template, which can be open in Microsoft Excel.  Once you have your Microsoft Excel file ready, you can upload to STEMscopes™ by clicking on the new button at the top of the import students page.  Remember that if you use the same username for a student that another teacher uses in your school/district’s portal, you will get an error message once you try to update your student list.  To avoid this, we recommend using a more complex student username such as:  student ID number, firstname_lastname_(classroom number), a student-created username.  Once your upload your list, make sure you select it at the bottom of the import students page by pressing show to validate and then execute it.  This will formerly place your students on the list in STEMscopes™ so that they can receive assignments.  Watch the simple how-to video below to get started.

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Topics: New Features, student mgmt. sys.

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