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The Great Demand—How Do We Supply our Students with Quality Teachers?

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on September 05, 2016




The new school year has started and with that the national conversation about education has been revived. Most recently, changes in teacher hiring requirements by the Utah Department of Education were brought to light, as the struggle to staff  classrooms with teachers continues throughout the United States. To meet the demand for teachers, Utah has loosened teacher qualifications to include candidates with no formal teacher training. Utah is not the only state to have issues supplying classrooms with the demand for teachers. Hawaii called for 1,600 teachers to live and work on the island, and just last year Clark County in Las Vegas, Nevada, the fifth largest district in the nation, launched a "Call for Heroes" as they scrambled to fill positions. These specific states may have been highlighted in various news articles, but the over arching question that audiences across the United States asked was: why is there such a pressing shortage in the first place?

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