20 Updates to the STEMscopes Curriculum to Help You with a New School Year

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on August 21, 2017
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It's that time of year again—the summer is gone and if you are like many districts across the nation, you are tearfully but excitedly entering a new school year. As you enjoyed your time off, and also prepped for back-to-school, STEMscopes was right there along side you ensuring that the curriculum was updated and ready-to-go for the hectic time. Here are some of the best summer updates:

Accessibility settings

Accessibility and user experience is something that our development team prides itself on—during the year we made additions to the settings portion of the site allowing font size and text to be changed for those who needed a better readability experience. Now, we hae also added several other features: the ability to change view theme, change the speed of text-to-speech, and we have aedded the option to have text highlighted while it is read aloud. 

Captioned Content videos

Earlier in the year some curriculum editions were given the ability to access closed captioning for all videos. During the summer that has been expanded to other editions and can be accessed by clicking the CC button in the playback toolbar. 

Teacher Master Assignment view, 'return student work' feature, Learning resources, and Assignment labeling

Teachers get excited— many enhancements have been made in the assignments section of the curriculum. To start, the master assignment view has been improved! Now you can view assignments for multiple classes all in one spot. Secondly, as you work on giving out assignments to your students, you can now access a "return to student" button that gives you a way to return submitted assignments to students for continued work, if needed. Additionally, you can add helpful resources to sections in the Learning Resources tab like Science Rock, Picture Vocabulary, Virtual Investigation, and eScopedia for students to use throughout the year to help guide them in a lesson, and lastly, you can now add labels to assignments to help students stay organized and navigate quickly to their assigned tasks. 

Bookmarks on Home screen

Teachers we heard you! Bookmarks are now available once again on the Home page of the curriculum and can be set with one click. In addition, you can now create folders for bookmarks to help with organization. 

Editable documents

Download editable documents in rich text format in the Assessment bank and the Lesson planner. Additionally, all editions of the curriculum now have editable PowerPoint files for specific elements and teachers in Texas, specifically, will be able to work with files in Google docs and Google slides (also will be made accessible to all editions during the 2018-2019 school year). 

Improved Assessment bank tools

Be able to search for standards by lesson with the creation of customized assessments and filters. Downloads are editable and questions can be randomized when given online. 

Roster section labels

New roster section labels for organization have been added! This feature allows for quick reference points and saves time for administrators who are setting up teachers' class sections. 

New games

Our partnership with Filament Games spawns a new era of interactive games for STEMscopes. These games target students from 3rd to 8th grade and are located in the Games tab in the student section of the Teacher Toolbox in the teacher account. 

Content Annotations

The website now has new content annotations to highlight and comment on text within the STEMscopes curriculum. Additionally, there is an embedded dictionary feature to assist students and teachers even further. 

Lesson planning

The Teacher Toolbox has further enhancements with the addition of scope and sequence documents. The electronic Lesson Planner also is outfitted with editable documents and the ability to comment on plans. 

The STEMscopes updates are continuous and cannot happen without the feedback from our users. As the curriculum site progresses, so does the content and the addition of new programs inspired by you. 


STEMscopes Updates 2017