9 More Improvements to the STEMscopes Curriculum to Look for in 2018

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on March 02, 2018
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STEMscopes updates and new features


One of the top reasons customers love the STEMscopes curriculum suite is that it's constantly improved and updated throughout the year. Many of these changes are based on our users' feedback and insights into what's working and what needs improvement. In 2017 there were accessibility updates, new games, and new content features, all based on teacher feedback. So what's the 411 on 2018?

Increasing functionality

2018 is all about functionality, since we know how crucial being organized is for educators as they work through their lessons every day. For example, one improvement will give teachers the ability to organize, sort, and expand and collapse bookmarks on their STEMscopes home screen by clicking on the title of the bookmark folder. 

To increase organizational versatility, teachers will also be able to organize the items in the lesson planner in any order they wish. Teachers will also be able to switch from instructor view to student view as they're reviewing a scope, so students won't see the answers. 

Student improvements

The student users of STEMscopes will also see improvements to their platform, as we add the ability to erase drawings with an eraser tool in the drawing part of the toolbar. Teachers and students alike will now be able to add comments without highlighting, and easily edit or interact within the comments section. 

What else is new?

To continuously answer the question "what's been updated?" we are working on creating an update notification system that will alert teachers when a scope or element has been updated. In addition, teachers will be able to see what's new and updated on a central hub that will be available later in 2018.

Until then, teachers can enjoy the Google document transition, which will roll out to all curriculum editions by September, and the new printer-friendly scope and element pages that will be provided in the print screen options. 

We're hard at work designing and implementing a new consolidated grade view so teachers can grade items faster, too. As the year unfolds, be sure to check out all of the updates for STEMscopes and unlock a world of new possibilities. 

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