A New Logo for a New STEMscopes

Posted by Science Explored on December 18, 2013

As we move into a new year, we are looking at STEMscopes in a new light.  Not only are we transitioning from a small department within Rice University to a full partner as Accelerate Learning, we are also preparing to unveil STEMscopes 2.0 in its entirety.  No need to worry though – let us address a few of the “rumors” we have heard regarding this transition:  1) we are not being bought out by “some company” (in fact, we are the creators of Accelerate Learning), 2) our dedication to teachers and students remains immutable, and 3) our ties with Rice University have been fortified while allowing us to grow substantially.

SS Primary

Given this change, we felt it was time for a new logo to represent STEMscopes as it evolves into STEMscopes 2.0.  Though our old logo embodied our mission of making science fun and accessible, its roots were deeply grounded in elementary science.  Our new logo brings with it a sense of innovation, focused energy, a commitment on the individual parts of STEM, and a renewed pledge to serving all students.  As we prepare to begin 2014, we hope you’ll join us in embracing an entirely new, STEMscopes 2.0.  As always, we’d love your feedback!