Accelerate Learning + STEMscopes

Posted by David Alviar on April 03, 2014

Back on November 1 of last year, Accelerate Learning - STEMscopes' new corporate identity created by Rice University - stepped onto the playing field.  Accelerate Learning represents a new opportunity for STEMscopes to grow, evolve, and better serve our students, teachers, and parents.  Our identity, mission, vision, and, yes, even team, are as unchanged in Accelerate Learning as they were in STEMscopes.  In fact, our growth has enabled us to prepare to launch our new, embedded professional development program for STEMscopes 2.0 called STEMcoach, as well as a pre-K program, STEMscopes Early Explorer, to help our youngest learners start STEM when it counts the most.

In the coming weeks, we invite you to explore our new website that will integrate all of our STEM solutions in one place.  From interactive webinars to the robust, results-oriented STEMscopes curriculum you love, you'll find it all at  Stay tuned for our official announcement and join us in the this expansion of STEMscopes!  We're here for you.