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Self-Directed Learning

Posted by Clare Agostinelli on April 16, 2020

Reflecting on my days as a teacher, I remember that I’d plan my lesson instruction leaving space and freedom for students to practice self-directed learning. Witnessing students dive into their own cognitive thinking and personal interests and associations while exploring content is simply euphoric for a teacher. This is when you can let go for a bit, and sit back and watch the natural explorer in your students. We have the perfect opportunity to purposefully foster self-directed learning. We’ve pulled together some instructional tips for  incorporating self-directed learning into your students’ education.

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Structure and Resources for Distance Learning

Posted by Clare Agostinelli on March 20, 2020

We realize these days look different from our normal routine, especially for students who are used to following a structured schedule within a classroom. While as parents and teachers, we may not be able to exactly replicate a classroom structure and schedule at home (and that’s OK), we can provide a sense of normalcy for our kids, and keep them learning through the days ahead. To make remote learning easier, we’ve provided five activities and scheduling resources that support learning from home. 

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