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Teacher Writer Spotlight: Carri Bevil

Posted by Richard Kingham on December 29, 2020

Carri Bevil saw firsthand how effective STEMscopes Science was in her district. So when asked to join the new STEMscopes Math team as a curriculum writer, she knew she’d be helping to create a quality learning experience. Bevil has been a key writer in the development of STEMscopes Math since 2018, and is actively involved as the team prepares to craft the company’s first middle school math curriculum. 

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Breaking Down Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Model

Posted by Richard Kingham on December 14, 2020

Learning is a process that entails different levels of understanding. This is the basic idea behind Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) model, which posits four tiers of understanding that students move through as they learn new content (but not necessarily in sequential order): recall and reproduction, skills and concepts, strategic thinking, and extended thinking. 

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Teacher Writer Spotlight: Morgan Christiansen

Posted by Richard Kingham on November 09, 2020

Morgan Christiansen fully commits herself in every aspect of her life. Her daily runs, her nearly decade-long marriage to her high school sweetheart, and her seven-year track record teaching science and math to fourth graders all reveal her characteristic devotion. Two years ago, she found it was time to step away from the classroom and stay at home with her son. But her devotion to teaching didn’t end there—it just took a different form.

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Teacher Writer Spotlight: Erin Rawlinson

Posted by Richard Kingham on August 17, 2020

Sometimes things just come together at the right time. Erin Rawlinson was a new mom. She loved her job as a third-grade teacher in Katy, Texas, but it was time for her to begin a new chapter, one in which she could stay home with her newborn son and be there for all those precious firsts. But there was one glaring problem: she would need supplemental income to leave her day job. Around that time, a former colleague called to see if she’d be interested in writing curriculum for STEMscopes Math. And there it was: the gig that would allow her to be at home with her son.

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Process Over Answer

Posted by Richard Kingham on July 31, 2020


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