Biology ReTEKS— Helping Your Students Pass the Texas EOC exam

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on October 19, 2015
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Biology is a tough subject for many students. With each passing year, standards for the Texas biology End of Course exam are increasing, and students will continue to struggle with the content. This begs the question of how much importance we are putting on a grade (which you can explore further in our What's in a Grade?).  No matter which side of the conversation you are on, you will probably agree that students need tools that cultivate their understanding of biology and improve their scores on the biology EOC so they can pass onward in the educational system.

Often, small changes in how we deliver curriculum can make a world of difference in dispelling students' misunderstandings. From utilizing a hands-on approach to elaborating biological processes through videos, teachers strive to bring meaningful understanding to the subject. Sometimes, despite the efforts students will struggle with exams which may leave them feeling hopeless.

To gain a fresh perspective of teaching biology, the curriculum team at STEMscopes brainstormed on how to support numerous teaching approaches and raise students EOC grades by creating a helpful guide. This guide examines last year's statewide performance, analyzes the lowest performing objectives (TEKS), and then provides a series of expert suggestions from the curriculum leaders.

Ready to utilize this in your classroom and shift your student's performance? Download the guide today! 



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