Celebrating the teachers that make it possible: Nicole Blakeslee

Posted by Lindsey Sönmez on July 22, 2020
Part of what makes STEMscopes a success is the amazing team of teachers that contribute their knowledge and expertise to help write our curriculum. We are so grateful for these teachers, and this month, we’d like to give a special thanks to Nicole Blakeslee.

Nicole began writing for STEMscopes in 2014, when a friend introduced her to the program. She’s since become an integral part of the team with her experience, creativity, and willingness to help in all aspects of the curriculum-writing process, from creation and review to piloting and adjustments. She recently helped develop grade level and 3D assessments as part of the assessment writing team, and is constantly thinking up new, fun ways to engage students in the content while supporting alignment. Her favorite part about writing for STEMscopes? Collaborating with fellow teachers to develop creative, aligned lessons for educators to use with students all over the world!


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