Elevate Student Results with  Three Ready-to-Use Resources

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on December 02, 2015
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A couple of weeks ago we were front and center at the 2015 CAST conference, hosted  in Ft. Worth, Texas. Those of you that stopped by the booth walked away  with three great resources to take back to your classroom. Didn't make it to the booth? No sweat! We've brought the booth to you! Download the activities now. 

Thousands of teachers walked away with these exciting hands-on resources:

  • STEMart, Elementary School: Experimenting with Forces

Help your students understand forces by creating a mechanized puppet that doubles as an art project. Learn about pushes, pulls, friction, gravity, and direction with this creative, art-meets-science activity that your students will adore.

  • Middle School: Understanding Gravity, Mass, and Distance

Modeling gravity is challenging— use magnetism as a model for gravity in this Engage lab to help students understand the connections between gravity, mass, and distance. In this quick Engage activity, students use magnets to model gravity and develop an understanding of how tides and planetary rotation rely on gravity. 

  • Biology: Enzymatic Action

This intervention activity helps students understand competitive inhibition, the active site, and enzymes' function.

If you missed us at CAST, please click here for a list of upcoming conferences where you can see where STEMscopes will be attending in the next year.

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