Help! 2 Tools You Need to Understand the Structure and History of NGSS

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on September 03, 2015
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The NGSS are an exciting, yet complex new set of standards. As schools begin to integrate these standards, understandably there can be some frustration and confusion. In order to help you better understand the NGSS, the STEMscopes team has created two unique tools:

Understanding the NGSS (download)

This guide takes you through the history, relevance, structure, and key terminology of NGSS. Useful for educators eager to be a campus expert, "Understanding the NGSS" will help you prepare for implementation.

Views on NGSS Scopes and Sequence (download)

In this document you will find a series of scope and sequences for the NGSS from K-12. Given that the NGSS does not provide a set of scope and sequences for grades 6-12, these different options on to navigate the NGSS (from traditional 4-year science models to more conceptual progression models) will give your campus a jump start on transitioning from state standards to the NGSS.