Impact of High STEMscopes Use on STAAR™ Scores

Posted by Science Explored on September 27, 2013

New STEMscopes research available today demonstrates that teachers that use STEMscopes often with high fidelity significantly outperform teachers that do not use STEMscopes on both 5th and 8th grade science STAAR scores.  The research is drawn from nearly 1,100 campuses across Texas throughout the 2012-2013 school year.  

The findings indicate that 5th grade STEMscopes users were able to have an average of 5% more students, or an additional one of every twenty, pass the 5th grade science STAAR.  Similarly, 8th grade STEMscopes classrooms achieved a 5% higher passing rate than those without STEMscopes.

High Users Passing Rates Visualization

Results on economically disadvantaged students in 5th and 8th grade boasted even higher passing rate differences between STEMscopes users and non-STEMscopes users.  The full description, methodology, and results of both studies can be found in the High STEMscopes Users and STAAR Passing Rates in 5th Grade and High STEMscopes Users and STAAR Passing Rates in 8th Grade documents.