Math Teacher Writer Highlight: Taylor Wheeler

Posted by Richard Kingham on June 30, 2020

Meet the Teacher Banner-Taylor

A year after Taylor Wheeler resigned from her teaching job to focus on raising her children, a former mentor called to discuss a new opportunity. She was writing STEM curricula for a company called STEMscopes, and thought she would be a great candidate for the same position. It was a no brainer for Wheelershe could continue to stay home with her children, while influencing the way STEM is taught in the classroom.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education along with a certification in ESL, Wheeler started her teaching career in Cyfair, the same Texas district where she and her husband had attended school. For six years, she taught fourth-grade math and science, savoring the experience of crafting exciting and engaging lessons. She brings this same passion to her work writing STEMscopes math and science content that draws students into active, collaborative learning. “My favorite element to write is our Explores: they’re the "meat" of our product, where students get to work cooperatively to drive their learning,” she says. 

Wheeler lives in Cyfair with her husband and their two children, future first-grader Lauren and future fourth-grader Logan. When Taylor and her brood aren’t busy with school and extracurriculars, they enjoy vacationing and spending time with extended family. 

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