Meet the Team on YouTube

Posted by Science Explored on August 19, 2013

In the cavernous halls of 5615 Kirby Drive, a group of caped crusaders collectively know as "the STEMscopes team" meets daily, bringing together passionate educators from all over.  Boasting powers such as a genuine concern for how students learn, wacky creativity, and a wide array of STEM skills, the team works around the clock to continue creating, refining, and improving STEMscopes.  

Hyperbole aside, the STEMscopes team is, in reality, a diverse group of passionate former teachers, principals, science coordinators, students, parents, self-proclaimed nerds, and thinkers.  Our passion is bringing in what our teachers need.  While many of you have met us, we wanted to put a YouTube face to who we are.   

We encourage you to reach out to us, probe our thoughts, push our thinking, and tell us what you need to make STEMscopes better for you, because you are the prime movers and shakers of the STEMscopes curriculum.  For that, we give our sincerest thanks:

So next time you are in the area and come upon 5615 Kirby Drive, stop by, visit us, and lay a brick on the ever-growing edifice that is STEMscopes.