National Institute for STEM Education Hits 100th Graduate Milestone

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on May 05, 2017
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Ever since the National Institute for STEM Education (NISE) opened it's doors to teachers seeking STEM certification in June of 2016 they have seen many educators graduate and move on to provide a STEM classroom with a new set of tools.This past week they saw their 100th graduate of the STEM certification program and are excited to see others continue to grow and thrive.

"Since the beginning, our goal has been to help teachers develop a common understanding of STEM and, more specifically, to provide them with the resources, skills, and strategies they need to implement the STEM instruction in their classrooms," said Whitney Dove, Manager of STEM Certification for NISE.

The 100th graduate, Anna Turner, a second- year fourth-grade teacher from Marrietta, Georgia spends her days teaching all subjects including science. Since STEM teaching requires more planning, Anna sought the help of her district's  key STEM team, a group of teachers who are experts and leaders in STEM preparation for their school and district.

"The district of Cobb County provides us lessons in STEM. I was not familiar on how to use them, but with the aid and direction of the STEM key team I was able to gain a better understanding of what I needed in the classroom", Anna said.

Another resource that was being offered by the STEM key team was the chance to obtain certification for STEM through NISE at no cost through the STEM key team's aide. Seeing that it was a great opportunity for her to learn more about STEM in the classroom as well as gain additional resources, Anna opted to pursue her certification and enrolled in the National Certificate for STEM Teaching.

"The courses  were tough at times, but the feedback from the coaches was very valuable. The courses helped me gain the full concept of STEM and experience STEM at different grade levels", she said. 

Now that she has received her National Certificate for STEM Teaching, Anna is determined to continue her ongoing professional development and is receiving a gifted endorsement for her classroom, while  pursuing a master's degree.

"I love teaching and making helpful resources...The STEM certification process helped me come up with more ideas to implement STEM in the classroom, " she said. 

NISE continues to grow as a leading provider of STEM certification and is developing several additional resources for educators, along with helpful tips through their blog and website. To learn more, visit


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