Source File What?

Posted by Science Explored on October 02, 2012

You asked for it and the STEMscopes™ team has delivered; you can now download the “source file” of the pre-assessment, progress monitoring assessment, and standards-based assessment as PowerPoint files.  We’ve created a short, sweet, and simple how-to video (posted below) in case you haven’t noticed this new feature yet. 

If you are wondering “how can downloading the source file of an assessment help me in the classroom?” we’ve highlighted a few of the ways it does just that below:

  1. you can combine each of the multiple choice assessments into one larger assessment,

  2. editing the questions is a cinch – you can change the background color and font for dyslexic students, tweak the questions to reflect your style of teaching, and add your own questions while maintaining overall formatting,

  3. and importing your questions to a clicker-based software such as Smart Notebook™, Senteo™, and TurningPoint™.