STEMscopes 2.0 Hits 100% Alignment

Posted by Science Explored on August 05, 2013

A committee of teachers and state science community leaders came together this summer to review instructional materials for TEA's Proclamation 2014.  The committee has concluded reviews of STEMscopes' alignment to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, awarding STEMscopes K-12 a rating of 100% alignment.  Though the Commissioner of Education must still recommend these instructional materials to the State Board of Education for adoption.

To be eligible for adoption, instructional materials submitted in response to this proclamation must meet at least 50% of the elements of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)—for the subject and grade level for which the materials are intended—in both the student version and the teacher version of the instructional materials. The materials must also comply with applicable manufacturing standards and be free from factual errors at the time of implementation in schools. 

Instructional materials submitted in response to this proclamation will undergo a full and complete investigation by a state review panel to identify the extent to which the materials meet the required TEKS and to identify factual errors. At the completion of the review, the state review panels will report their findings to the commissioner of education. 

The panels’ findings serve as the basis for the commissioner of education’s recommendation to the SBOE regarding the adoption of materials. The SBOE is scheduled to make its determination regarding the adoption of materials submitted in response to this proclamation in November of 2013. The SBOE’s determination is final. 

Instructional materials adopted under this proclamation are scheduled to be implemented beginning in the 2014–2015 school year [STEMscopes 2.0]. Adopted materials are eligible for purchase with funds from the Instructional Materials Allotment, and will be ordered by school districts and open-enrollment charter schools through the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) Educational Materials (EMAT) system. The intrastate freight costs for adopted instructional materials will be paid by the TEA.