STEMscopes™ Analytics

Posted by Science Explored on February 13, 2013

STEMscopes™ analytics is now available!  We're unveiling our administrator-level analytics this week.  Three different reports - daily usage, school usage, and scope usage - are accessible for all STEMscopes™ users tagged as the administrator in that user’s account.  These three reports will allow school leaders to understand how STEMscopes™ is being used across campuses in their districts.  A dedicated analytics system for teachers will be released next week, allowing teachers to view student progress towards TEKS mastery.

Our hope is that analytics will foment deep conversations between instructional leaders and school leaders, allowing them to improve teaching practices and school support.  Consequently, administrator-level analytics does not quantify individual teacher usage of STEMscopes™ components because we envision teachers and administrators having conversations of how the program is used. We expect proficient users of the analytics system will be able easily identify strengths and growth areas leading to conscientious professional development decisions.  Above all, we know that analytics will help improve student achievement by allowing users to refine instructional practices and target individual students with the content at the level they need.

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