STEMscopes Offers Coursera Courses

Posted by Science Explored on June 18, 2013

A revolution is underway in science classrooms. The demands of the new workplace and the ready access to information afforded by new technologies have radically changed the way we define a scientifically literate society. 

More than ever teachers need professional development that provides them with the resources they need and empowers them to take the action required to build classrooms where the next generation of scientifically literate students will flourish. In order to address this growing need, Rice University, Rice Digital Learning and Scholarship, STEMscopes, and Coursera, a worldwide provider of MOOCs, have partnered to offer a series of 4-week long professional development courses that aim to transform how teachers lead science instruction.

Inquiry Science Learning: Perspectives and Practices consists of four courses lead by STEMscopes staff (Reid Whitaker, C.J. Thompson, Lara Arch, and Lisa Webber), each designed to address a different strand in the development of skills teachers need to meet the demands of their career. Participants will be challenged to develop their science leadership skills, their pedagogy and their science content in ways that will empower them to revolutionize their classrooms.  The fifth course, Using the Next Generation Science Standards for Students’ Deeper Understanding, will be lead by Dr. Terry Tall and helps teachers understand how and why scientific and engineering design practices should be integrated into investigations.

Enrollment is free and grants 16 hours of continuing-education credit.  To enroll, visit  Course 1 of Inquiry Science Learning: Perspectives and Practices begins on September 9.