STEMscopes Texas Releases New Impact Study

Posted by David Alviar on October 28, 2015


Houston, TX — October 28th, STEMscopes released a new impact study that compared 5th grade STAAR™ passing rates for districts that used STEMscopes curriculum as well as non-STEMscopes districts. Using over 360,000 students in the study, the results show that STEMscopes significantly improved students' performance on high stakes testing.

The study outlines how students using STEMscopes curriculum had an average passing rate of 71.4%, a value significantly higher than districts without STEMscopes.

The study also revealed that districts that used STEMscopes had 7,470 more students overall pass the 5th grade science STAAR, which translates to a 3.2% increase in the overall passing rate for the 5th grade science STAAR in Texas. The impact was similar with economically disadvantaged students— with the help of STEMscopes, 4,730 more economically disadvantaged students passed the 5th grade science STAAR by raising the passing rate by 2.6%.


To view the entirety of the study and see the rest of the results, please click here.




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