STEMscopes Vacation Giveaway: Meet Aimee Lawson

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on September 21, 2015
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STEMscopes loves their educators and was delighted to offer up $2,500 for a dream vacation anywhere in the world to one lucky winner during their latest social media campaign that promoted the addition of 1,000 new visually stunning, real-world science videos, courtesy of their new agreement with Twig Worldwide.


Now set on helping extend the contest once again in round two of the STEMscopes Vacation Giveaway, STEMscopes wanted to share the story of their first winner, Aimee Lawson.


Meet Aimee Lawson— STEMscopes First Winner 

Aimee Lawson was delighted to find out about her winning of $2,500 in travel vouchers when she was called on Sept 4th at her school, Education Center International Academy in Sunnyvale, TX. 

"I am very excited to be the winner of the STEMscopes Vacation Giveaway," she exclaimed when she got back with the STEMscopes team about her winning. 

Aimee is a K-8 science teacher for ECIA and as an educator for many international students, she has used many techniques in the classroom to spawn engagement and intrigue students into the science they are learning. Her days in the classroom were not always spent in the science department, however, having spent eight of her twenty-one years of teaching as an English teacher. 

"I come from a family background that contains alot of people that are involved in some sort of science-related field," she explains as she speaks about her tranisition from English to science. 

This is Aimee's first full year teaching with STEMscopes, and with that she has discovered additional ways to enhance her classroom even further using the investigations and inquiry-based learning; she finds that the engagement has increased. Additionally, she says she loves the lesson planner in the STEMscopes curriculum, which helps make her classroom organization more streamlined.

The addition of the new content connection videos also excites Aimee as she believes this will enhance her classroom and will serve as great introduction videos or as a review by illustrating the different observations that can be made.

"These new videos can be very beneficial because they can be used to illustrate different observations and students can go home and watch these with their parents because it will be easily accessible."

So where is Aimee going for her vacation winning? She plans to take an exciting trip to Colorado to go skiing with her husband and visit her daughter, who attends St. Mary's College.

We hope that Aimee's vacation is relaxing and are excited to see what is in store for round two of the STEMscopes Vacation Giveaway contest. To sign up, please visit for more details and information. 

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