Teacher Writer Spotlight: Morgan Christiansen

Posted by Richard Kingham on November 09, 2020

Morgan Christiansen fully commits herself in every aspect of her life. Her daily runs, her nearly decade-long marriage to her high school sweetheart, and her seven-year track record teaching science and math to fourth graders all reveal her characteristic devotion. Two years ago, she found it was time to step away from the classroom and stay at home with her son. But her devotion to teaching didn’t end there—it just took a different form.

Shortly before Christiansen left the classroom, she had a conversation with a colleague about her passion for writing curriculum. Call it fate or luck, but Christiansen’s colleague mentioned that STEMscopes was hiring writers for their new math curriculum. She applied and got the job. Christiansen now pours her love for teaching into creating STEMscopes Math lessons. 

One of Christiansen’s favorite things about working for STEMscopes is the inspiration and enthusiasm she derives from her co-workers. “I love the positivity of all those that work for this amazing company and how those in leadership roles are so uplifting and ready to help. I also love the flexibility to work and create curriculum from home while I raise my little one.”

The creativity and passion of devoted teacher-writers like Christiansen animate our lessons and are the key to making STEMscopes so dynamic. If you are a 6-8 grade math teacher who loves engineering insightful learning experiences for students, reach out to us about helping to create our middle school math curriculum, a new endeavor for STEMscopes.