Top Ten STEM Careers for the Future

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on March 22, 2016




When it comes to the current and future job market, there tends to be an upward trend in STEM careers. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce,  jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math are expected to grow overall by 17 percent by 2018, while non-STEM related jobs are expecting 9.8 percent job growth. Along with the job growth, people working in these fields earn 26 percent higher wages than those who work outside of science, technology, engineering, and math discipline jobs.

With the increasing demand for STEM workers, there are certain fields within the said careers that are expected to have the most growth. Currently, computer and math career paths account for almost half of science-related employment, followed by engineering at 32 percent, physical and life sciences at 13 percent, and management positions at nine percent.According to U.S. News, the top 10 best jobs in STEM are as follows: 

1. Computer Systems Analyst

As a combination of business and information technology, computer systems analysts work at improving computer systems and processes. With an unemployment rate at 2.6 percent, median salary of $82,000, and 21 percent growth in this field expected by 2024, computer system analysts can expect job security. 

2. Software Developer

Software developers are always in demand as they are needed in a large range of different industries. Positions for software developers may include finance, electronic product manufacturing, or computer systems design. By 2024, jobs for software developers are expected to grow by 19 percent. With an unemployment rate of 2.5 percent and median salary of $95,000, this is a sought after field. 

3. Statistician

Many companies need to make decisions by analyzing data. This is where statisticians step in to collect, analyze, and interpret data. This field is growing at a rapid rate and is expected to increase by 34 percent by 2024. The unemployment rate for statisticians is at four percent with a median salary of $80,000. 

4. Web Developer

Companies need an attractive website to appeal to customers. This is where web developers come in to build a website that is unique to a specific business. Plus, with the growth in mobile technology, more web developers are working to build mobile sites that are attractive on any platform. By 2024, 27 percent of employment growth is expected for web developers with a median salary of $63,000 and 3.4 percent unemployment rate. 

5. Accountant

Keeping track of financial records will always be important to business and qualified accountants will always be in demand. Eleven percent of job growth is expected by 2024 and with only 3.2 percent unemployment rate and $65,000 median salary, accountants continue to be important to businesses. 

6. Biomedical Engineer

Expected growth for biomedical engineers is 23 percent by 2024 as aging baby boomers are expected to be a driving force in the need for biomedical research and solutions. Unemployment rate is low at 2.6 percent with a median salary of $86,000. 

7. IT Manager

IT managers are needed to shape technology processes and goals for a company. Almost any field needs an IT manager and 15 percent of growth is expected by 2024. With an incredibly low unemployment rate at 1.8 percent and median salary of $127,000, IT managers can expect sound job security for the future. 

8. Financial Advisor

This field is expected to be one of the fastest growing industries with a growth rate of 30 percent by 2024. The driving force behind the rise in demand is the retirement of baby boomers who are needing assistance in planning financially for their future plans.  Financial advisors can expect 18 percent job growth by 2024, along with an unemployment rate of 3.3 percent and $81,000 median salary. 

9. Information Security Analyst

As cyberattacks and threats continue to get more sophistated, Information Security Analysts are needed to prevent and quickly respond to data breaches. Unemployment rate is incredibly low for this field at 1.4 percent, while the median salary is $88,000.

10. Mathematician

From computer programming to teaching math classes, mathematicians are needed in a variety of fields. Expected job growth by 2024 is at 21 percent with a four percent umemployment rate and a median salary of $103,000.

Building for the Future

All of these fields require a foundation of cultivating and expanding STEM knowledge. As these fields continue to grow for the next several years, it is essential to educate students on the importance of STEM subjects and help them find interest and passion for the learning opportunities. 


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