Accelerate Learning Founder and CEO Honered as EdTech Leadership Award Finalists

Posted by Javier Encinas on April 18, 2018



 Accelerate Learning announces that Reid Whitaker, founder of the company and creator of the award-winning STEMscopes™ digital science curriculum, and Vernon Johnson, president and CEO of the company, have been named finalists for the EdTech Leadership Award in The Edtech Awards 2018

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STEMscopes Dive-In Engineering Named Finalist for EdTech Cool Tool Award

Posted by Javier Encinas on April 17, 2018

Created by Accelerate Learning and the New York Hall of Science, the hands-on engineering curriculum provides inquiry-based experiences that encourage exploration and inspire ingenuity


The STEMscopes™ DIVE-In Engineering curriculum has been chosen as a finalist for the EdTech Awards 2018 in the Coding, Computer Science, and Engineering Solution category. STEMscopes DIVE-In Engineering is part of Accelerate Learning's award-winning STEMscopes PreK-12 product suite, which is built from the ground up to address the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and today's state standards. 

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5 Times Elon Musk Influenced the Future of STEM

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on February 23, 2018


As one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in engineering today, Elon Musk has been highly influential in developing futuristic inventions for over thirty years. Many know him as a businessman who was part of the success of four billion-dollar companies - PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, and Solar City - but Elon Musk is also an inventor, engineer, and refers to himself as a "technologist."

His ideas have influenced our world and inspired many students to explore the future of STEM. Here are five of Elon Musk's most influential inventions that are leading the way in STEM. 

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How Makerspace Has Positively Impacted Student Engagement

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on January 26, 2018


Do you want to help your students become more engaged in STEM education? Many teachers are finding student engagement can greatly increase when they are part of a makerspace environment. Makerspace is a term that is used in a variety of environments as a way to create an authentic learning experience. By definition, makerspace means 'student-centered learning'. A classroom may be set up with different makerspace workstations, or social spaces, where students create, brainstorm, share, and learn through hands-on learning. Through this form of learning, teachers partner with students to help direct their education and find solutions through their own problem-solving. 

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How to Teach Engineering Concepts in the 21st Century Classroom

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on January 12, 2018

Buildings, bridges, roads, and other infrastructure all share one key component— individuals who specialized in engineering worked on all of them. Engineering is a branch of science and technology that specifically concerns the design, construction, and use of engines, machines, and structures. Students come into contact or view these structures every day, but do they know how they came to be, or know abut the basic engineering concepts that put them there? Now more than ever, schoolrooms have evolved into 21st century classrooms— settings that use advanced technology and new teaching methods— and teachers are looking for more effective and engaging ways to teach engineering concepts. 

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