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7 Teaching Strategies for English Language Learners

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on June 27, 2018


How prepared do educators feel to teach English Language Learners? Most teachers have little or no training on effective teaching strategies for ELL students.  This makes it challenging for a teacher to help integrate ELL students into the regular classroom setting. Fortunately, a variety of ELL instructional strategies are available for educators. 

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5 Resources for Teaching ELL Students in the Classroom

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on June 18, 2018



With a growing population of English Language Learners in the classroom, many teachers feel underprepared to support the individual learning needs of ELL students. Fortunately, onli

ne resources are available to help teachers explore strategies and give learning opportunities to these students. 

From printed materials to digital tools, a variety of materials can help ELL students develop language and literacy skills that will prepare them for comprehending classroom curriculum. Integrating hands-on resources and setting up flexible grouping can also help teachers develop ways to support ELL students at various skill levels. 

Here are five valuable resources that can give a teacher foundational support for ELL students in all areas of study, including science and STEM education. 

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