Overcoming Math Anxiety and the Fear of Math

When you ask kids what they’re afraid of, math is not a common answer. They’re thinking about spiders or monsters or that creepy...

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How to Use CRA to Teach Math and Increase Student Learning

Think back to your earliest memories of math class...

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Using Inquiry-Based Learning With STEMscopes Math Activities

Traditional methods of teaching math only work for a handful of students. The majority of students struggle trying to learn math...

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Simple Strategies to Teach Math Through Play

Research indicates that attitudes towards mathematics, especially at a young age, can significantly influence a child’s success...

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Accelerate Learning STEMscopes and Google Classroom Integration

Today we are announcing that your favorite science and math curriculum can now be used with Google Classroom LMS. We know...

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Teaching Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is the most important skill that students learn in the classroom. It is the meat and potatoes of mathematics,...

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Black History Month Hero: Katherine Johnson

February is recognized across the US as Black History Month. In keeping with this tradition we like to look back on great...

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Math Teacher Writer Highlight: Helen Squire

Helen Squire’s love for STEM can be found in all areas of her life—from her job as a math teacher at a charter school, her...

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Computational Fluency

There’s a scene in the award-winning film A Beautiful Mind where the real-life math genius John Nash (played masterfully by...

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Fact Fluency: Beyond Rote Learning

Imagine an alien planet where the inhabitants are born with the multiplication table imprinted on their DNA. Let’s call this...

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