Why STEM is Important for Students, Schools, and Society

The buzz around STEM education continues to grow as teachers discover how it builds creative problem-solving through connections...

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Bringing NASA’s DART Mission into the Classroom

Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) is a method of planetary defense against near-Earth asteroids, which changes the...

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Top 10 Tips for an Effective STEM Classroom

Whether you’re new to a STEM classroom or you’ve been teaching in a STEM environment for a while, you may be seeking some tips...

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Which Way is Right? Problem-Solving in Mathematics

The Mona Lisa is surprisingly, almost shockingly, small. Yet its far-reaching influence has made it synonymous with greatness....

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Introducing Students to the Future of Coding

The world as we know it is changing every day. With emerging technology shifting more and more toward the digital sphere,...

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With new innovations emerging daily, technology seems to be evolving at the speed of light, and increasingly jobs require that we...

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What We Believe: The Pedagogical Philosophies that STEMscopes Math was Built On | Part 1

When the STEMscopes math team came together to design our curriculum, we set out to solve a problem that has always haunted math...

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