Thanks to our teachers

All of us have had teachers that have touched our lives. For some of us, it’s been a few simple words of encouragement that...

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Teaching Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is the most important skill that students learn in the classroom. It is the meat and potatoes of mathematics,...

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Going the Extra Mile: Acceleration and Intervention


The learning needs of one student are often not those of their classmates. To meet each student where they are,...

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This month we celebrated two special holidays, Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Day. We invited students and teachers across...

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Math as the Language of STEM

If we consider science to be the understanding of phenomena, technology the tools used to investigate phenomena, and engineering...

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Structure and Resources for Distance Learning

We realize these days look different from our normal routine, especially for students who are used to following a structured...

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Science Learning at Home: K-5 STEM Activity Pack

We’re all in a strange place of uncertainty right now due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Schools have shut down, parents must balance...

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