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What are Cooperative Learning Strategies and How Do They Affect my Classroom?

Posted by Tahlea Jankoski on May 04, 2018


As a first-time teacher, how do you start aligning a lesson plan and classroom setup with cooperative learning strategies? Working with others is an important skill children can develop at an early age in the classroom and interactive group learning is a beneficial way to help students become more engaged in classroom instruction.

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How STEM Education Differs from Science Education Instruction

Posted by Marissa Alonzo on April 20, 2018


If you are a teacher in the 21st Century, then you know that the education landscape has changed quite significantly in the last two decades. The differences between traditional science education as we once knew it and STEM education has been the subject of much debate, but one thing that we cannot deny is that the buzz around STEM continues to be a leading topic in education circles and politics. 

What is the difference between science education and STEM education, though, and what do first-year teachers need to know coming into a science classroom?

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