Celebrating the teachers that make it possible: Nicole Blakeslee

Posted by Lindsey Sönmez on July 22, 2020
Part of what makes STEMscopes a success is the amazing team of teachers that contribute their knowledge and expertise to help write our curriculum. We are so grateful for these teachers, and this month, we’d like to give a special thanks to Nicole Blakeslee.
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Math Teacher Writer Highlight: Taylor Wheeler

Posted by Richard Kingham on June 30, 2020

A year after Taylor Wheeler resigned from her teaching job to focus on raising her children, a former mentor called to discuss a new opportunity. She was writing STEM curricula for a company called STEMscopes, and thought she would be a great candidate for the same position. It was a no brainer for Wheelershe could continue to stay home with her children, while influencing the way STEM is taught in the classroom.

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Science Teacher Writer Highlight: Lindsay Van Wyk

Posted by Lindsey Sönmez on June 12, 2020

Overnight, COVID-19 created a demand for flexible lessons that can be taught virtually. Teachers everywhere are now being asked to develop new curricula for an unpredictable future. That's where STEMscopes science writers like Lindsay enter the picture. 

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Math Teacher Writer Highlight: Alicia Chiasson

Posted by David Alviar on May 08, 2020

When her school district adopted STEMscopes Science in 2016, Alicia Chiasson knew there was something special about it. A 6th-grade math and science teacher with 27 years of experience, Chiasson loved how each scope (lesson) is rooted in inquiry. She was so happy with the results in her classroom that she decided to join the STEMscopes team as a curriculum writer in January 2018.

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