Meet our Writers: Kimberly Pardue

Posted by Richard Kingham on April 07, 2021

With a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education, a Master’s in Administration, and extensive experience teaching elementary school, Kimberly Pardue is a rock star of curriculum writing. She’s one more shining example of how STEMscopes Math is written by teachers, for teachers.

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Understanding HR133

Posted by Richard Kingham on April 05, 2021

The effects of the pandemic have left almost no one untouched, and education is one area in particular that has experienced tremendous hardship. In December 2020, the former administration signed into effect a $900 billion stimulus package that includes section H.R. 133, which provides $70 billion to help public and private schools recover from the pandemic. This bill is of paramount importance for anybody with skin in the education game (which is all of us), so we’ve provided an overview of how H.R. 133 works.

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Celebrating women in stem

Posted by Richard Kingham on March 25, 2021


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Focusing on Social and Emotional Learning: Making a Pandemic Comeback

Posted by Lesly Gregory on March 22, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot for students across the country. They’ve spent time learning virtually, worked independently more often, and seen less consistency as they’ve moved in and out of classrooms. While its impact on academics remains a constant conversation, there are other developmental milestones to watch out for as we get closer and closer to normalcy.

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Teacher Writer Spotlight: Lisa Culberson

Posted by Merritt Moses on March 19, 2021

After a whopping 23 years of being a science teacher, science department head, science teacher trainer and a summer training coordinator, Lisa Culberson is now, mostly, retired. However, she still works with STEMscopes during some of her free time.

Lisa started working with STEMscopes as a science teacher trainer and transitioned to being a curriculum writer in October of 2017. As a science curriculum writer, she most enjoys the chance to write about the various products we offer in our program. For example, writing lessons in partnership with our streaming companies, BBC and CNN, and curriculum products that we offer in Australia, Canada, the UK, and across all 50 US states. 

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