10,657 Errors Later

Posted by Science Explored on December 05, 2013

The Texas State Board of Education has released the Proclamation 2014 science curriculum review findings; their discoveries were unsettling.  Across all science curricula submitted for the 8 year adoption, the content reviewers identified 10,657 factual content errors (see below).  STEMscopes, however, had the fewest among publishers submitting K-12 science curriculum.

Error Vizualization

Our teachers refuse to comprise on quality, rigor, and student engagement while maintaining an unbelievablely low price point.  STEMscopes is the first Texas science curriculum to truly be “for teachers, by teachers.” To us this is more than a slogan.  Every member of our curriculum development team has come from Texas classrooms with collective experience across all grade levels and student populations.  All of our lessons have been designed and tested by Texas teachers before being released for use in your classroom.  Our partnership with Rice University gives us access to the greatest scientific minds and most up to date science information.  All of these elements, working together, allow us to provide a curriculum that is scientifically accurate, student centered, teacher friendly, and based on the best teaching practices available.  Our master teachers and master scientists work together to provide a curriculum that surpasses the competition.  The numbers don’t lie.