6 Take-Home Activities to Engage Your Student in STEM Over Winter Break

Posted by Lindsey Sönmez on December 30, 2019

While winter break is a special time to spend with family, friends, and plenty of food, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your kiddos have to leave learning back at school with their classwork. In fact, this extra time off serves as the perfect opportunity for students to bond with their loved ones over a new, immersive STEM experience. 

And though it typically spans just one or two weeks, students can still experience significant learning loss over their winter break. To prevent any backtracking, it’s important to encourage your learners to engage in stimulating activities that will keep them on their toes through the new year. 

It may seem like a stretch to come up with take-home projects while you’re already overloaded with end-of-year activities, so we’ve made it easy for you.

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Click here for a PDF with further information on the importance of hands-on learning, plus six activities ideal for K- through 5th-grade students to take home over the holidays and make the most of their winter break. 

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