STEMscopes Announces New Agreement with Twig World Ltd.

Posted by Javier Encinas on July 29, 2015
Houston, TX — July 9, 2015 - Whether showing volcanic lightning as it strikes or tracking migrating whales as they cruise through the ocean, videos can captivate students and let them explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics around the world. To help teachers engage and inspire students in STEM subjects, Accelerate Learning Inc™ and Twig World Ltd.™ has announced an agreement to embed access to more than 1,000 standards-algined, content connection videos in the STEMscopes™ curriculum.

The videos from Twig World, an award-winning digital media company, will be seamlessly embedded into STEMscopes, Accelerate Learning's 21st century digital STEM curriculum for preK-12 classrooms. With these short videos, teachers can now take students on STEM "field trips" — in the classroom or any time, on any device — to help them understand how the subjects they learn in school tie into the world around them.
To save teachers time, all of the videos have been aligned to standards and screened by curriculum experts to ensure they are safe and grade level-appropiate. Teachers can use the videos — which are created from top film archives includeing Getty Images® and BBC Worldwide® — to introduce, illustragte or reinforce a topic, or assign them directly to students. Because STEMscopes is built on an HTML5 platform, the videos are viewable at any time, on any device via any modern web browser. Teachers can also extend students' learning and improve their retention with ready-made video companion activities.

"With world-class film footage aligned to today's science standards, teachers can easily show students how their classroom experiences relate to real-life STEM careers, phenomena, and events, " said Dr. Vernon Johnson, president and CEO of Accelerate Learning. "Those real-world connections not only fire up students' interest but deepen their understanding of STEM and why it matters. We're excited to have available the Twig World videos embedded in our curriculum. This will provide teachers with premium, content connection videos that make their jobs easier and students' learning even more engaging."

"Twig World Limited is delighted that Accelerate Learning will embed our videos in their award winning PreK-12 curriculum," said Anthony Bouchier, CEO of Twig World. "Twig's videos have been captivating classrooms around the world and some of our three-minute videos will now be part of the fastest growing teaching resource in the country.

We know teachers and students alike will be engaged by our films which bring STEM learning to life!"
The Twig World videos will be available in STEMscopes™NGSS and STEMscopes™K12 this fall. 

About Accelerate Learning, Inc.: Accelerate Learning, in conjunction with Rice University, is fouced on becoming the most effective digital preK-12 STEM resource used by teachers, students, and parents.

With nearly 2 million student users and growing, Accelerate Learning has grown form a single product, STEMsocpes in 2007, to a brand that now offers a variety of curriculum and professional development solutions that support early learning, NGSS, and customized state-aligned curriculum. Accelerate Learning has earned recognition as one of District Administration's Top 100 Products, and as a finalist in the SIIA Innovation Incubator program. It has also won recognition from numerous industry programs, including the Digital Innovation and Learning Awards, the Association of American Publisher's Revere Awards, and EdTech Digest's Cool Tool Awards. 

About Twig World Limited: Twig World is a leading global producer of multimedia resources for teaching and learning. As a Bett Award winner three years in a row, Twig World resources are used by ore than a million students worldwide.

Each of Twig World's concise three-minute films is original and bespoke, carefully crafted by TV producers working with teachers and academics to give full and engaging explanations of complex learning. Twig World's short films have been created specifically for use in schools and matched to national international curricula.

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