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Guest Blog: 6 Risks to Avoid When Implementing Personalized Learning: Part 1

Posted by Janice Vargo on February 15, 2016

The Education Elements team has the great privilege of working with districts across the country to plan, design, and implement personalized learning. Without fail, one of the first questions district leadership teams ask us is, "What have other districts done that we should avoid?"

Through our work over the past five years, we've identified six key risks for districts:

  • Risk #1: Lack of Clear Vision, Narrative, and Rationale
  • Risk #2: Curricular and Instructional Misalignment
  • Risk #3: Failure to Build Capacity at District and School Level
  • Risk #4: Starting with the Wrong Schools
  • Risk #5: Under Communication with Stakeholders
  • Risk #6: Selecting the Wrong Devices

We'll talk about the first three risks here, then move on to the second three risks in our next blog post. 

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