Accelerate Learning STEMscopes and Google Classroom Integration

Posted by David Alviar on March 10, 2022

Today we are announcing that your favorite science and math curriculum can now be used with Google Classroom LMS. We know districts, schools, and teachers are all increasing their use of Google Classroom. With Google Classroom, teachers and students have one place to go for learning content, assignments, and assessments. Let’s explore some of the capabilities of our integration.

Let’s start with student rosters. In how many places do you want to store and maintain student rosters? If the answer is more than one, the Google Classroom and STEMscopes integration can make your life MUCH easier. Student rosters can be initially imported (beginning of the school year) from Google Classroom to STEMscopes, then synchronized as students come and go.

Teachers may already have Google classes, or they may be adding new classes. These classes can be imported into STEMscopes and found in the STEMscopes user interface. This system can also store multiple teachers in a class. A snapshot of the STEMscopes interface is below to check out:


When your school/district administrator completes the integration process with STEMscopes, the Google Classroom button will appear. Here you can find classes, which can be imported into STEMscopes.

Once connected, STEMscopes has a vast number of assignments and assessments that can be sent directly to students. These assignments appear in Google Classroom for the students with the designated due date that the teacher chose.

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