STEMscopes Tours Europe

Posted by Science Explored on May 21, 2013

Dr. Carlos Monroy, STEMscopes™ Data Scientist, recently returned from the 3rd International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference at the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium.  Dr. Monroy presented “STEMscopes: Contextualizing Learning Analytics in a K-12 Science Curriculum,” a peer-reviewed paper co-authored by Carlos Monroy, Ph.D., Reid Whiatker, Ph.D., and Virginia Snodgrass-Rangel, Ph.D.  The presentation elaborated on five distinct areas in which STEMscopes conducts analytics: 

  1. teaching practices/professional development
  2. curriculum development and design
  3. STEMscopes usage
  4. data mining techniques
  5. personalized learning

Following his talk, Dr. Monroy received high praise from the Next Tell project, a European Commission endeavor that works with teachers and students to support the creation of 21st century classrooms in the European Union.  The paper has since been published by the ACM Press (New York).

Dr. Monroy’s European sojourn also brought him to the University of Milan-Bicocca in Italy.  Invited by the Depeartment of Statistics and Quantitative Methods, Dr. Monroy’s discussion, “Why Statistics Matter in Learning Analytics:  the Case of STEMscopes,” further highlighted the power of robust analytics systems in K-12 education.  The presentation aimed to emphasize the role of teachers, principals, and students in contextualizing analytics data in order to enhance STEMscopes usability and features based on the data gleamed and direct user feedback.  Attending professors were anxious to cross-pollinate ideas with Dr. Monroy, resulting in plans for STEMscopes to adopt an open source data-mining platform named Pentaho to aid in improving the pedagogical framework and overall curriculum design.

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