Teacher Writer Spotlight: Erin Rawlinson

Posted by Richard Kingham on August 17, 2020

Sometimes things just come together at the right time. Erin Rawlinson was a new mom. She loved her job as a third-grade teacher in Katy, Texas, but it was time for her to begin a new chapter, one in which she could stay home with her newborn son and be there for all those precious firsts. But there was one glaring problem: she would need supplemental income to leave her day job. Around that time, a former colleague called to see if she’d be interested in writing curriculum for STEMscopes Math. And there it was: the gig that would allow her to be at home with her son.

Being a curriculum writer allows Rawlinson to stay actively involved in her field. The support of her fellow teacher-writers inspires her to express her creativity as a teacher and try new ideas when she is writing curriculum. She can experiment with the ideas she thought would benefit her students and then refine them based on the constructive feedback of her colleagues. Now, her talents are no longer confined to one school—they ripple across the country. “I love the thought of using my knowledge to help provide instruction outside of my own school, district, and state,” she says. 


An avid cook and pioneer of new recipes, Rawlinson never takes these golden days with her son and husband for granted: “Being a stay-at-home mom has been a dream come true, and I’m thankful to STEMscopes for helping make that possible.” 

Topics: math, teacher writers